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Introducing LEAHP

The Leadership Exchange for Adolescent Health Promotion

State agencies working together to support adolescent sexual health policies, practice and implementation.

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Our Work

We are a learning collaborative with the goal to develop state-specific action plans in support of adolescent health in the following priority areas

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Sexual Health Education

Quality sexual health education (SHE) is a systematic approach to preparing students with the knowledge and skills needed to make informed health decisions to prevent HIV, STDs, and unintended pregnancy.

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Sexual Health Services

Sexual health services (SHS) give students access to preventive health care, such as STD testing, HIV testing, contraception, and condoms, and referrals to appropriate treatment, if needed.

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Safe and Supportive Environments

Creating safe and supportive environments (SSE) emphasizes aspects of school settings and family relationships that can protect adolescents and reduce their risk for HIV, STDs, and unintended pregnancy.

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Participants of LEAHP benefit from peer-to-peer collaboration, in-depth training from subject matter experts, access to scientific research and data, and concentrated, state-specific technical assistance.
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